We should see Venus in the night sky this week!

It is well known that Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and it is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon. According to Starry Night Education on Space.com, in this week, Venus’s brightness becomes brighter than any other times because of a combination of circumstances. There are two reasons that Venus is getting brighter. The first reason is that Venus is approaching Earth. Therefore, it is getting larger. The second reason is (it might be similar with first reason…) that because it is approaching to Earth, it is moving away from Sun. According to this article, it says, “Its phase is also narrowing as it moves in front of the sun, which makes it decrease in brightness. So we’ve got two opposing forces in action: Getting closer means getting brighter, and a narrowing crescent means getting fainter. This week the two balance out to make Venus as bright as it can possibly be.”

In this article, there is information about planet’s cloud. It says because its dense atmosphere and proximity to Sun, it causes for an extreme greenhouse effect. Therefore, the surface temperature of Venus is about 860 degrees Fahrenheit.
Also, there will be special phenomenon on June 5. Venus will pass between Earth and the Sun, so it will look like some black dots on Sun. This event is called a transit of Venus. It only happens only twice a century, so if you miss this time, next one will be on 2117.


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