Hypervelocity Planets.

I posted about black holes last time. On the post, I wrote down that black holes’ gravitational attraction are so strong that even light cannot escape from those. However, recently, hypervelocity planets were discovered by Dartmouth’s Idan Ginsburg and Gary Wegner along with Avi Loeb, chairman of the Harvard astronomy department. They were researching about behavior of hypervelocity stars, which were already a well-known phenomenon.
This article says, “The hypervelocity stars are created when a pair of stars locked in a binary orbit are sucked in to a black hole.
The pair are thrust apart, with one remaining in the black hole while the other is thrown to the edge of its galaxy”. The hypervelocity planets are created by the one star came out from the black hole. These planets are smaller than stars, and they were affected by black holes. As a result, hypervelocity planets can have 4 times faster average movement speed. Therefore, they can move up to 30 million miles per hour.
Many astronomers think that this discovery can help to solve many questions about space, planets, and black holes.


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