Another Solar Flares By Sun.

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There was big issue that the huge solar flare occurred on Jan 27. Also, two days ago, the Sun released powerful solar storms that are the strongest solar storms in this year. This article said the solar flares ranked as X-class storms, the strongest type of solar flares the sun can have. There are 5 ranks depend on the solar flares strength. The five ranks are A, B, C, M, and X. A has the weakest strength solar flares, and, obviously, X has the strongest strength of solar flare. The difference between each rank is about 10 times, so B rank solar storm is about 10 times stronger than A rank solar storm. Also, in those ranks, it is broken down into subsets, from 1 to 9. For example, the solar storm on Jan was ranked as X1.7-class eruption. In only X rank solar flare, number can go higher than 9. This time solar flare was ranked as an X5.4-class eruption. Now, the Sun is under an active phase of its 11 year weather cycle, and it is known as Solar Cycle 24. NASA is expecting that in 2013, the Solar Cycle 24 will be reached its peak level of activity. So, we will see more news about Solar Flare occurring.

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