Possibility of asteroid striking in 2040

There are movies such as Armageddon and Deep Impact that treat about asteroid striking. In the movie, human recognizes that one huge asteroid is heading to Earth, and if they do not stop it or change its orbit, Earth will be destroyed and whole human race will be vanished. Therefore, people are united and try to prevent occurring this. In the end, human saves Earth and their lives. This is not just movie story anymore. According to NASA, there is one huge space rock, called asteroid 2011 AG5, circles the sun on a path between the orbits of Mars and Venus, and there is possibility that AG5 hits Earth on 2040. The chance is 1/625, and one scientist said this asteroid has the highest chance to hit Earth. Astronomers said they still need more observation, and we still enough time to prepare it. However, if it is true, now we only have 28 years which means that it might happen when I am still alive!  I think it is not bad to think about what we can do if it happens in real. There will be some choices we can have!



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